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    First of all, I want to introduce myself. I am a Brazilian woman, a single mother, a daughter from the 60s, a young woman from the 80s and model, after 2020. I have a degree in Social Communication, I come from the areas of new business, new media, creative economy and I am now in the silver economy.

    Today, I am a model of Ford Models, with the purpose of breaking down terrible prejudices, such as AGEISM! The process of choosing my new profession came from my heart, passion, courage and creativity that is ageless.

    Fashion is also history, present, future. Fashion is not just trends, consumption, or simply clothing styles that prevail in society. Fashion has the capacity to change and give meaning to life. Fashion translates my identity in clothes, accessories, hair and in the way I behave, with countless psychological, social and cultural meanings for construction and understanding my personality. 

    I want to use the image, the body, to be exactly as I AM: Vita 50+. I want to get closer to brands, products and services that speak to the 50+ audience, without ever using symbols like Old or elderly!

    In addition to occupying space in national fashion, I dream to represent Brazil in the international fashion and beauty market. I have already conquered covers in major national magazines. I want, now, the magazines of the World. And I ask for your support!


Height 5’9’’
Weight 150 lb/ Size 6/ Shoes 10
61 years old/Green eyes/Grey hair

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